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Prime Cargo International, a prominent global logistics provider in Pakistan, committed to excellence and customer satisfaction since 1992.

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Professional integrity

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Our Story
From Humble Beginnings to a Trailblazing Legacy – Delivering Excellence and Driving Innovation in Global Logistics Since 1992
Founded in August 1992, Prime Cargo International has been fueled by a vision to provide unrivalled logistics services. Our relentless commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction paved the way for us to become a trailblazer in Pakistan’s Logistics industry. A year into our journey, we transcended boundaries as an international logistics provider.
Our Growth
Pioneering Progress in the Logistics Industry and Expanding Horizons Since 1992
Our growth trajectory is decorated with groundbreaking milestones. Recognized as one of Pakistan’s rapidly progressing cargo companies in 2002, we garnered attention as a formidable privately-held corporation by 1992. Our dedication to serving our clientele inspired the inception of branches in Peshawar in 2008 and Lahore in 2015, Islamabad in 2018 and Karachi 2008.

Our goals in numbers

We believe in setting clear goals and continuously striving to achieve them. Here are some key figures that represent our aspirations and the targets
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Our Mission
At Prime Cargo International, our mission is to consistently deliver reliable, innovative, and efficient logistics solutions. We aim to uphold our legacy of excellence by ceaselessly refining our services and broadening our global footprint.
Our commitment to our clients is unwavering, as we strive to provide tailored logistics solutions that meet their unique needs. With a customer-centric approach, we aim to exceed expectations, foster long-term partnerships, and contribute to the success of businesses worldwide. We are driven by the belief that our work creates shared value for our customers and society, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact through our responsible and sustainable practices.

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Let’s meet our team

Our proficient team is the lifeblood of our success. Comprising adept professionals with vast industry know-how, our team is unyielding in ensuring the seamless and efficient delivery of your goods.

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